What is causing irritation after sex? Essay for you personally

What is causing irritation after sex? Essay for you personally

In this specific article, we consider the possible factors behind vaginal itching in females and men and talk about the treatment plans.

Factors in women and men

Some factors that cause vaginal itching after write my paper for me intercourse are exactly the same, aside from biological intercourse. A number of the signs, but, may vary. Below, we discuss allergies and infections that will influence both men and women.

Latex sensitivity

A latex allergy implies that the immune system responds highly to virtually any product containing latex. Latex condoms or lubricants that have latex could cause uncomfortable signs in people who have a latex sensitivity. These signs can include itching, redness, and inflammation around the genital area after sexual intercourse.

Individuals can decide to try making use of latex condoms that are free lubricants to see whether this relieves their signs.

Latex could cause three various reactions that are allergic

Contact dermatitis

When latex triggers contact dermatitis, the effect may maybe not take place until 12–36 hours after connection with the skin. Signs range from:

  • irritation
  • redness and discomfort
  • epidermis appearing scaly

Immediate reaction that is allergic

This sort of response occurs in those that have become responsive to latex through past contact with it. Getting into experience of latex once again causes an answer through the defense mechanisms, and individuals may experience:


In some instances, latex could cause anaphylaxis, which will be a rather serious reaction that is allergic. Any signs of anaphylaxis, they should seek immediate medical attention or call 911 or the local emergency number if a person notices.

STIs frequently try not to create any observeable symptoms, however they will often cause genital or penile itching. This itching and just about every other signs, which rely on the kind of STI, can take days that are several appear.Continue reading