NFL Gambling Policy Clear, but Misunderstood by Public

NFL Gambling Policy Clear, but Misunderstood by Public

Experts have actually called the NFL the ‘No Fun League,’ nevertheless the organization’s policy on gambling isn’t as restrictive to players as individuals are led to think.

The NFL policy on gambling allows players to gamble in casinos, but not to ever use their names for promotional appearances similar to this arm wrestling competition at the MGM in Las Vegas.

The assumption is that the competitor can’t enjoy a session wagering on craps, blackjack, craps, roulette, video slot and poker machines. For as long they can enjoy that activity like any other citizen as they are on their own time. They are also permitted to place money down on a dog or horse race. Sports betting, however, remains off limits.

The problem arises when the professional has a relationship with those facilities and exploits his celebrity. The argument that it is their own time and they should be allowed to do what they want, but the NFL has made the distinction very clear in several cases and vigorously enforces the regulation from them is.

Promoting Players Prohibited

The league forbids players using their name to publicize any form of association by having a casino. The concern is the fact that it blurs the relative line between activities betting and football.

The recent appearance by more than 30 of these at a ‘Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship’ at the MGM Grand over the weekend was in violation of the NFL’s rules.

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