Ohio Casinos to Withhold Winnings for Overdue Child Support

Ohio Casinos to Withhold Winnings for Overdue Child Support

Ohio casinos just like the Hollywood Casino in Columbus will now withhold winnings from players whom owe child support. (Image: Brooke Lavalley/Dispatch File Photo)

At Ohio casinos, gamblers who think they’ve just won a jackpot that is major be in for a shock, at minimum when they have outstanding kid support payments. That’s because a new program is now in place to make sure that debtors who owe money for the well-being of their children won’t be able to collect their gambling winnings without repaying what they owe first.

The brand new ‘intercept program’ is now moving forward at all four gambling enterprises in Ohio. The properties have actually agreed to the office aided by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to identify gamblers who owe right back child support, adding those criminal background checks to ones place that is already taking a database of debtors.

Lottery, Racetracks Also Recover Funds

These checks are also created by the Ohio Lottery, which operates the state’s seven racetrack casinos. At the gambling enterprises, database checks will be triggered by wins of $1,200 or more on slots, $5,000 or maybe more on table games, and $600 or higher on some high-stakes games. At the racetracks, any award of $600 or more will likely be checked against owed child-support repayments, while wins of $5,000 or more trigger checks against back taxes and student loans.

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