Same Time This Present Year: Another Megabucks Jackpot Hits in Las Vegas

Same Time This Present Year: Another Megabucks Jackpot Hits in Las Vegas

We are told this is movie producer Mark Hodos from Florida, the newest Nevada Megabucks winner of $10.3 million (Image: IGT)

There must be something floating around within the desert at the moment of year. Last year in mid-December, a lady playing A international Game Technologies’ Megabucks slot machine used gaming credits earned to hit a $17.3 million jackpot at the M Casino; now a Florida man has hit a $10.3 million one during the MGM Grand during the same week this year. a producer that is executive ofAll American Christmas Carol’ a kind of trailer trash form of the Dickens classic, it would appear champion Mark Hodos says the moolah will go back to his Hollywood production company. Although we see no mention of him on the film’s IMDb, but we’re naturally cynical and if this person claims ‘Hollywood,’ then we say ‘Bollywood.’

If he’s legitimately a producer, then way to save your self numerous grovelling L.A. investor pitch conferences, sir.

Two in a Row

Hodos’ win followed a player who hit the Megabucks this November since well, also at the MGM Grand, which may be the biggest casino regarding the Las Vegas Strip. The Megabucks slot machines are typical on the IGT that is same Nevada, making for huge payouts, with minimums of $10 million and more added because it doesn’t get hit.

With no official state lottery per se, Megabucks is the equivalent, and during its 19-year history in Nevada, Continue reading